Acupuncture Channels


Phirose: 1) Pick a segment of your slide show based presentation to re-do. This can be recorded on Zoom with your audio overdub.
2) As you do this re-doing (A) at some point video an introduction to the section using Quicktime and a (B) A QT segment to be placed at the end of your slide show. This end piece is likely to be a tiny tiny summary of what has been presented with a sincere request for Questions from your views to be answered by you in the Q&A. (C) Then after some questions come in you can film your answers as another QT or Zoom with me. At the end of this Q & A you will begin to introduce the next Slide Show presentation.

The Completed first piece will then be composed of The QT IntroThe Slide Show — and Your Q & A video. And we are on to the next slide show segment.

Shams: My job is to make sure I get the videos I need to compose the final complete piece. (I) For the QT’s I will reset up a drop box account for you to send me the QT’s you film. (II) I will get from you the sign-in info for you Zoom account and download the slide show segment directly from there.

Note: In this process remember to manage your Zoom account; discarding old Zoom takes and leaving up the one take you feel you want me to download from your Zoom account.

Dirk, Above is a short sample of the general form it might take. As you and I spoke perhaps we can do some introduction/summaries interspaced throughout the presentation. This would be recorded as a separate Zoom recording. I have some ideas about the question & answer sections; lets discuss that next time. Lets try to meet again before the election. Perhaps, next week or even this Friday if you wish. — Shams

Lets use the comment box below to exchange ideas & record progress


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