Attar 7

See in the birds a deeper and wider understanding of one’s self

(Note: This Is Video 7 not Part 2)
Seven Stages/Valleys: At this juncture, the Hoopoe describes the seven stages undergoing by the soul as it progressions towards its goal; this may serve as a topographing of psychological states followed in the Sufi training. 

The First Valley represents the trials: “You will have to give up all you possess, then detach yourself from all that exists, then you no longer fear the dragon, the guardian of the threshold.” Such is the valley of the quest.

Love: To enter the next valley, “You must be a flaming fire.The face of the lover must be enflamed. He who undertakes this journey should have a thousand hearts, so that they can sacrifice one at every moment.” Such is the valley of love. 

Understanding: Many have lost their way in the next valley in search of the mysteries.”Once you have tasted the secrets you are gripped by a wish to understand. In each atom you will see the whole.” Such is the valley of understanding.
Shahabuddin:So what is understanding. Understanding is surrendering to the mystery and allowing the mystery to reveal itself when and how it wishes. And as it reveals itself through that process . . . somehow we can develop the ability to just be empty in it. And in a bit of a paradox we are satisfied with the knowledge of our emptiness.” 

Independence & Detachment: Then one passes through a state where nothing old or new seems to be of value. “If you saw a whole world burning, it would be only a dream compared to reality.”
Shahabuddin:“I am reminded of something I was taught by Shamcher Bryn Beorse, he said, ‘It’s OK if nothing matters as long as everything matters . . .  Independence and Detachment are only real when they are colored by Compassion. So it is not a tool to remove us from caring. It is the wings that elevate our consciousness, our heart, our soul into being able — to deeply care.  We are not caught by the emotional traps and limitations, we really feel, we feel deeply not on an ego level. So we are not living in a world of ‘shoulds’. We are living in a more unified world — meaning we are united with our sister and brother . . .  and with God.  And out of that we attempt to live a natural life.”   

Unity: Then, “Although one seems to see many beings, one realizes, that in reality there is only one and that which one sees as unity is not different from that which appears as numbers of different things; moreover one ceases to think of eternity as before or after.” And this valley is the valley of Oneness, of Unity.

I know that One is One whether that One is in multiplicity or singularity.” – Shahabuddin

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2 thoughts on “Attar 7

  1. I like the image of the valleys of “……” Valleys are long and deep, you’re in this one then the other, you experience their nature and they imply a journey, which already implies giving something up, the place you just left, traveling light, experience without attachment

  2. I have always remembered that in the old days on Saturday night of a retreat with Pir he would reach into a basket where we had put our little slips of paper with our questions. He would reach in and then read and answer one after another in turn. I remember so clearly when he read aloud the question, “What is the Secret to Life?” Me with the density of my linear mind — reacted with how can he answer something so, so big with a phrase or sentence or two. He paused and then gently and resolutely he said, “The secret to life is — To Care , Simply to Care “

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