Oh, Holy Mother

Embrace us now. Hold us closer to you. Remove the barriers in us. And allow us to fully feel your Presence within us.  We admit we are your children. Give us the innocence of children that we may fully feel your perfect Love.  

Holy Mother, We know your are present in each one of our lives within our bodies hearts and souls. “

A Porporri

Having a Light Touch

Death & Letting Go

Density of Our Western Culture — Bali comparision

Humility — Not thinking one is Right


The Natural State

Nature of Soul — Happiness

What if we continue this tribal I am Right You Are Wrong In The Next Plane of Existence — The incoming souls might absorb it and the epidemic of ‘Otherness’ continues

What do you feel? Not emotions — Feeling —

Stillness ~ Silence ~ Spaciousness


NOW we are being called

Less than a year ago he was gathering together the network of broadcasters — healers — awakening folk and together in some mysterious way the whole could be made better perhaps that has become us.